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Atra Plastics’ engineering team capabilities and experience in engineering analysis and programming provide customers with the support required for part review, tooling design, CAE analysis and CNC manufacturing. Atra’s engineering team is also capable of leading or assisting customers with R&D projects analyzing new materials, processes or technologies.

  • Develop and build of prototype or production thermoform tools and trim dies in-house.

  • Laser scanning technology for dimensional analysis of appliqués and reverse engineering.


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Atra Plastics’ experience and expertise with the Thermoforming technology allows us to keep quality high and cost low for all customers. The combination of our Pressure and Vacuum forming capabilities are ideal for tight details and where deep draw is required.

  • Thermoforming machines for decorative trim components.

  • These Inline thermoform machines produce high quality efficiently.

  • Thermoforming of various gauge materials and films.


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Hydraulic and pneumatic trim presses utilizing Match Metal Trim Dies for the precision trimming of high quality appliqués. Six axis laser robots for difficult coverage requirements and undercuts.

  • Hydraulic trim presses with PLC controls for multiple trim actions.

  • Pneumatic trim presses.

  • 6 axis laser robots.

Injection Molding, Insert & IMD Decorating:

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Atra Plastics has the knowledge and technology to meet our customers injection molded and IMD component needs efficiently and on time with a cost savings. Our clean, organized manufacturing area utilizes state of the art injection mold machines custom made for the Insert and IMD processes.

  • Molding machines from 280 to 675 ton.

  • Static pinners for properly locating dimensionally difficult appliqués.

  • De-ionizers for prevention of molding surface defects and scrap cost reduction.