About Us

Welcome to Atra Plastics Inc., your decorative plastic parts manufacturer.

Atra Plastics Inc. is a privately held company that was established in Michigan in 2004. We launched our Shanghai, China facility the following year in 2005. From the beginning it has been the direction of the company to be a single source supplier for decorative molded parts.

Atra Plastics Inc. can support your team with our knowledge, experience and technology from part feasibility through production. Atra employees bring years of knowledge and experience that far exceed our many years in the business of Thermoforming, Insert Molding and In Mold Decorating. Our experience and capability, allow us to maintain high quality standards while offering our customers the most cost effective way to obtain the desired appearance for their products.

Atra Plastics Inc. is committed to developing growing our technologies, offering our customers a single source solution. Whether you’re interested in purchasing formed Appliqués, Injection molded products or Assemblies with decorated components, we will deliver exceptional value.